<transcy>A dream born from the earth</transcy>

The 2Castelli farm was born from the love of a simple country life-style, living in close contact with nature. The project was conceived by Mr. Bruno Zago and his wife Mrs. Anna Maria Gasparini, two entrepreneurs that have spent a lifetime at the head of a large industrial group which they still run today with their four children. In 2009 Bruno and Anna Maria fell in love with an old manor house nestled among the Prosecco hills and located between San Salvatore and Collalto castles. Here they decided to create their corner of paradise. From this dream, far from any commercial logic, powered only by their love of wholesome, genuine traditions, the 2Castelli farm was built. It is situated on ten hectares of land that is covered with vineyards, and includes the 2Castelli wine cellar and holiday house.

<transcy>A sustainable approch</transcy>

Tenuta 2Castelli comes from a sustainable philosophy that appreciates the simple things in life. This philosophy is obtained through healthy agricolture and upholding respect towards traditional crafts. The aim is to obtain the maximum quality from its products with minimum environmental impact. Throughout our supply chain, from the work in the vineyard to the wine production in the cellar, huge attention is given to the selection of healthy grapes and the techniques that allow for the reduction of sulfur dioxide. Techniques such as the use of dry ice during the harvest and the use of inert gas during the wine transfer.
In addition to these principles and the organic farming concept, we have eliminated the use of chemical fertilizers replacing them with the use of copper and sulfur and we have adopted the practice of burying plants, through the technique of green manure, thus ensuring the correct water consumption for all our crops.

<transcy>The Cellar</transcy>

The structure blends in smoothly with the beauty and harmony of its natural surroundings. It was built, according to sustainable principles, dug into the hill where the grapevines are planted, by doing this it maintains an accurate temperature in the rooms where the wine is produced and aged, and at the same time reducing the use of air conditioning and the consumption of electrical energy.
The winery has cutting-edge technology while remaining faithful to small craftsmen traditions of wine making to ensure a high quality product and ability to control each detail down to each grape cluster and each bottle. This attention to detail gives rise to our Prosecco DOCG Conegliano Valdobbiadene , to our youngest Prosecco DOC, to the most recent vinifications which include IGT white and red wines. 

<transcy>The vacation home</transcy>

Just a few kilometers from Venice set in a valley surrounded by the rolling hills of Treviso, olive groves and woods, the luxurious Tenuta 2Castelli offers the opportunity to enjoy a vacation immersed in the most authentic flavors of the famous “Prosecco Road”. The swimming pool overlooking the hills, the roof terrace frome where you can watch the sunset, or the jacuzzi at the foot of the bad, will satisfy even the most romantic visitors, while the small gym, wifi and professional kitchen with the possibility of catering services are also available for events or business meeting of “charm”. The Villa can accomodate up to 13 overnight guests.

Enjoy a wonderful and relaxing experience in the Veneto hills, discover more at venetohills.com